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Beyond limits

Beyond Limits: The Power of Possibility

Join Celeste on a journey where walls crumble, and bridges are built as we explore the alchemy of turning adversity into advantage, and witness the transformative impact on individuals, communities, and beyond. Cultivate a culture where challenges are not obstacles but stepping stones towards innovation and positive change.

Most Requested Keynote

"Captivating. Empowering. The perfect mix of humor and Motivation."


“Celeste Mergens possesses the rare ability to fully captivate, enlighten, and motivate her audience through humor, wit, and powerful stories. I was one of hundreds who gave Celeste a standing ovation following her keynote. Hers was the most talked about at the conference.”

Rebecca Murray (Edutainer, Speaker, and Multimedia Producer)

"...Hers was the most talked about at the conference."

“As a former event organizer, I’ve hired hundreds of professional speakers and I can truly say that Celeste is a rare gem. Her ability to tell stories, inspire an audience and leave them feeling hopeful is a wonderful gift. I highly recommend her for your next event. You won’t be disappointed.”

Jessica Williams (Founder of On The Rise Summit)

"I’ve hired hundreds of professional speakers...Celeste is a rare gem"

Can a single moment change lives? Yes!
Celeste’s keynotes, breakout sessions, webinars, 
and daylong bootcamps do. She consistently garners rave reviews at conferences and seminars. She weaves stories and experiences filled with humor and sincerity into every presentation, making them an inspiring experience you will long remember.  

Give your audience inspiration that sparks change

At your next event

“Celeste’s is truly inspiring. After her 45-minute keynote address at our conference, Celeste received a standing ovation from delegates, and many lined up to speak with her.”

David Hulme 

"Celeste received a standing ovation from delegates"

Yes, one person can make a difference.

Let it be you

● Apple, Nike, Columbia Apparel, Goldman Sachs, and more.
● United Nations Commission on the Status of Women 6 times
● Asia Women’s Conference
● Deloitte D2i Team 
● Rotary International District Conferences
● Soroptimist International Regional Conferences
TEDx Talk with over 35,000 views 

Celeste averages over 50 speaking engagements a year, including: 


Emily Wright (doTERRA Essential Oils Corporation Owner)

"Celeste is a visionary that is changing lives for women all over the world!”

Mind the Gap: The Power of a Moment

Engage in 3 techniques for supercharging your resilience, mindset, and innovation power and add them instantly to your successful actions tool box. Anxiety, trauma and fear can affect us when we least expect it. Learn how you can turn every experience into fuel for future strength and opportunity with these practical techniques. Come ready to apply these tools, and take back your energy.

Most Requested Presentations

The Power of Days

Ready for proof that we can solve pressing issues when we all come together? The journey to overcome one of the world’s most prevalent taboos holds proof that no divide is impossible to bridge. Join Celeste as she shares global evidence and a few moments from her new bestselling book, The Power of Days–A Story of Resilience, Dignity, and the Fight for Women’s Equity. You’ll leave inspired and learn how your actions can be a driving force in building a better future for all. 

Most Requested Presentations

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Celeste Mergens is at the forefront of bringing the philanthropic heart and entrepreneurial spirit together to build global movements, personal shifts, and lasting change.  

“Knowing that you are helping girls and women around the world is in itself amazing, but to have the opportunity to hear from Celeste, Wow! Her story, infectious passion, strength, and enthusiasm are awe-inspiring. Her ‘can do’ attitude is contagious. I came away smiling, energized, uplifted, tearful, and proud. Celeste had over 300 in attendance eager to hear more. There was not a dry eye in the house as our convention attendees rose for a standing ovation for her.”

Linda Dorr

"I came away smiling, energized, uplifted, tearful, and proud"

John Smarge (Rotary International President’s Representative) 

"Truly inspiring and moving address."

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Virtual & Custom Solutions

Planning an event?

We can create custom virtual keynotes, trainings, and e-learning resources to help your organization. In addition to virtual trainings we can also create customized hands on team building and service activities. Reach out and let us know your goals and perimeters and tailer create a message and moment for your goals.

Celeste doesn't just talk 'the power of one' she lives it. Armed with the knowledge of a problem and a desire to help, Celeste created a global movement impacting change across 6 continents and 145 countries, she can help you make your own impact for positive and powerful change.

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'Dare to hope for the change you yearn to see in the world, and go after it."

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