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My GOAL is simply; to help you live your highest purpose.

If you've made a decision to go all in for your dreams, I'm ready to go all in with you.

I help people see the change they can be in the world and shatter false messages, trauma, or shame that keeps us blocked from our personal best. As the Founder of Days for Girls, a global award-winning organization, I have a thousand stories (literally) that stand as proof of the difference individuals can make. The results have been remarkable. And I also help individuals to recognize their own strengths and build a strategy to reach their goals quickly.

Days for Girls has reached more than 2.9 million women and girls in 145 countries. But the real miracle is in seeing so many people recognize they can be the change. You can too.

I'd love to help you to scale your personal impact.

I'm ready if you are!

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You do! You have a unique potential that only you can offer the world. I help you engage with greater confidence and connection to take inspired action. 

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I  help people who are ready to...

Yes, one person can make a difference.

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Global Impact Entrepreneur by Conscious Company Magazine (2018)

Woman of the Decade by the Women’s Economic Forum (2019)

#5 Top Conscious Business Leaders of 2019

Named Washington Global Hero (2019)

AARP's Purpose Prize Award (2017)

Washington State’s American Mother of the Year (2014)


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'Dare to hope for the change you yearn to see in the world, and go after it."

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