Celeste Mergens

Founder of Days for Girls, Author, speaker

The Power of Days

A story of Resilience, Dignity, and the fight for women's Equity

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Celeste Mergens life and work is nothing short of a miracle. This brilliant and riveting book will break your heart and then open it wider than it has ever been. Everyone who has the privilege of reading this beautifully written account will be transformed for the better. This book is a gift."

-Lynne Twist Author & Oprah Super Soul Sunday Guest

"You will not be able to put this book down...

Over 100              Reviews

"Celeste's story is proof that one person really can change the world."
-June Sarpong
BBC Spokesperson, Author
"Instantly captivating."
-Devin M.
GoodReads Review
"I couldn't stop reading. I laughed. I cried. I read it a second time, because it's that good."
-Sarah L.
GoodReads Review

"This book makes you a prisoner of hope."
-Kayanga W.

"Mergens uses her immense talents as a writer and storyteller to... offer a blueprint for others who want to catalyze change for a fairer and more equal world." 
-Raj Kumar
Founding President and Chief Editor of Devex

"Rarely does a book deliver such a one-two punch causing you to laugh and cry...at the same time! You will devour every line."   
-Terry-Lynn S.


Miracles happen.
every day.
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The journey to overcome one of the world’s most pervasive taboos is proof that no divide is impossible to bridge.

Written in short, evocative chapters, The Power of Days tells the story of Mergens’s quest to rally a global response to elevate menstrual health, increase universal access to menstrual supplies, shatter stigma through education, and advocate for global policy change. Raised in poverty, Mergens learned early on that building the life she wanted would take equal parts determination and humility, traits that led her to create the kinds of inclusive conversations and solutions she is known for around the globe.

The challenges Mergens faced and the lessons she learned, personally and professionally, and the triumphs and resourcefulness of leaders all over the globe are illuminating to all who wish to make a difference and create a more equitable world.

Today, Days for Girls reaches more than 3 million women and girls in 145 countries. The organization’s impact continues to grow, proving that small changes can create big shifts. This journey to overcome one of the world’s most prevalent taboos is proof that no divide is impossible to bridge.

Learn more about DaysforGirls.org

Every month, millions of girls and women around the world miss school and work during their periods because they don’t have access to menstrual products.

In 2008, Celeste Mergens was working with an overcrowded orphanage on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, when she learned that menstruating girls sat on cardboard in their rooms for several days each month because they did not have what they needed to manage their periods. This set into motion a simple idea—combining a washable, long-lasting pad with taboo-breaking education, and became an unlikely global movement for equity: The award-winning nonprofit, Days for Girls.

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The Power of Days

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"Big challenges are big opportunities in disguise"

-Celeste Mergens

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